There has been a number of developments since my first post. I have changed the question from, in what ways has social media affected people’s ability to be informed about public issues?. To,  Explore the ways social media has affected millennials ability to be informed about public issues? This change has narrowed the focus from ‘people’ to […]

‘Globalization refers to an international community influenced by technological development and economic, political, and military interests. It is characterised by a worldwide increase in interdependence, interactivity, interconnectedness, and the virtually instantaneous exchange of information”. “Globalisation could lead to the homogenization of world cultures, or to hybridization and multiculturalism’(O’Shaughnessy, 2012). Above is a well-defined definition of […]

International education  is a great opportunity for students to broaden their educational horizons. Furthermore, in a world which is globalised, the international education industry can be a lucrative sector for many countries. However, Simon Marginson stated, “International education is not the rich intercultural experience it could be”(Marginson, 2012). This statement may address the personal  problems […]

The process of Globalization has aided the concept of Global Film greatly in the past 20 years. The ongoing transfers of information and technologies have given birth to a number of transnational markets around the world. Furthermore, these new markets have experienced hybridization.  Woongjae Ryoo states that hybridization    ‘‘Accentuates the adaptation and active articulation […]

TIME CONTENT – summary EVALUATION 0.00 Q-When did you first hear about the raffle and where were you when you bought the tickets?   0.05 A-I first read about on actually and I was just at my desk during my lunch break at work and kinda sent a message through to Josh, the mate […]