Research Project Update 2

Explore the ways social media has affected millennials ability to be informed about public issues?

Here is the latest information regarding my research project. As I stated last week, I have been conducting a free survey.

I have received a number of responses and urge you to complete the short survey if you have not. So, here are some of the results.

  • 78% of the survey participant’s cited a ‘social media feed’ as their number 1 news source.
  • All survey participants consider themselves informed on public issues, giving themselves an average score of 75/100. 
  • 85% of the survey participants said they access social media for news, very often and often.
  • In response to the question. On a scale of 1-100, 1 being no trust. How much trust do you place in a social media feed to deliver credible and accurate news? Survey participants answered 44/100. 

These are only 4 results of 9 questions and they are giving me a valuable insight into how Millennials access their news. Also, how much trust they place in that news source.

Aas stated last week, I am looking to conduct a focus group regarding this issue. If you are interested, email me at

Tune in next week, for more information and see my progress on this research project.

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