Audio Log Of Interview

0.00 Q-When did you first hear about the raffle and where were you when you bought the tickets?  
0.05 A-I first read about on actually and I was just at my desk during my lunch break at work and kinda sent a message through to Josh, the mate I split the tickets with and we had a bit of a read of the article and brought them that day. Mostly clear voice, A car driving past is auditable.
0.20 Q- What were you thinking when you made the investment?  
0.24 A- I wasn’t expecting anything really just thought it would be a cool thing to enter, the odds were pretty decent so I just brought them and see how I went. Clear voice, Good response
0.34 Q- Did you think you could when or did you not even consider buying a ticket?  
0.38 A- After I read it, I didn’t really consider not buying a ticket because it was a cool thing to enter. I really did not have any inkling I would win anything major like this. The odds were relatively attractive if you compare them to that of the lotto. Someone has to win it could be in with a chance.  
1.00 Q- Where were you when you found out you won?  
1.04 A- I was actually working a late shift at my work. So I was still at work and my friend josh actually got the call and he was in the middle of Hotel Illawarra at a trivia night and he actually missed the call. So, he got the call and he sent me a text and said: “I think the raffle bloke just called me”. I said what do mean you think and anyway after about twenty or thirty minutes, they gave him the callback and had a bit of a chat with him and everything was kinda confirmed that we won and I was still at work at the time. Nice volume and clear voice
1.33 Q- So what went through your mind at the time when you won, did you ever think it was a joke?  
1.36 A- I didn’t think it was a joke it seemed pretty legit, I was a bit hesitant to tell many people right at the start just in case it was, or turned to be. But no I didn’t really think it was a joke. Didn’t answer the first question.
1.52 Q- Who did you first call?  
1.54 A- I actually called my mum and dad first and they didn’t believe me(laughs). Then I let my girlfriend know. She was actually boarding a flight from Europe and she told me she was thinking about it all the way home.  
2.18 Q- Has anyone been treating you differently at all?  
2.20 A- No, not really, I am pretty much treated the same, had a lot of media requests, so that’s a lot different to what I expect usually. Friends and Family have been treating me the same, but they all inkling for some free holidays. Noise in the background
2.36 Q-How many people have tried to give you advice? Breath can be heard on mic
2.38 A- There have been a few people saying “Make sure you sort a lot of advice”. The good thing about me and Josh is that we both are in the financial field so we already have a good understanding of how everything works. Josh works as an accountant and I work as a financial planner. We have a lot of people we can contact if we need any advice.  
3.10 Q- Do you consider yourself a lucky person?  
3.12 A- A little bit, well now I do. I consider myself being quite lucky, but I feel I was already lucky. Grow up, good house, good parents, great friends, so in life, I was pretty lucky. But you know what they say if you don’t buy a ticket you can’t win the raffle.  
3.56 Q- Were you ever overwhelmed by your newfound responsibilities?  
4.00 A- I still am actual, It is a lot different to winning a bunch of money in the lotto, we have a lot of things to consider, how are we going to run a resort we have no business experience. Tax implications, there is a whole list of things we have to consider going it this. Voice is low. Slight mumble
4.30 Q-Did you ever consider leaving your job?  
4.34 A- I did consider leaving my job, but I don’t think I will at this stage. I think it’s just because I just finished uni and just got this job. So, the way I kinda thought of it was if I was forty years old right now I would just pack it up right now and move over there and live and manage the resort. But at this stage in my life, I am leaning towards staying in my career and managing the business from a arms length.  
4.59 Q- Growing up as a kid could you ever imagine owning a multimillion dollar resort at the age of 25? Breath can be heard. Too much on mic
5.02 A- No(laugh) it’s crazy the whole thing is just crazy  

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